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brendon shockwave


Our guitar player, Brendon has just done an interview with Heavy Metal Webzine Metal Mix Tape. Basically its just a run down on how things have been going for us and what we’ve been up to with getting this band ready to hit the stage! Check it out:
METAL MIX TAPE INTERVIEW, its a pretty cool interview!

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rob from shockwave


OK, things seem to be going rather well for us here in the shockwave camp. The facebook launch went really well, and we have over 1000 followers on the page (Which were really happy about) so thank you all for that!

Now for the other big news, we’ve started the process of what will be our debut Shockwave recording. We’re doing this with Reign of Terror bass player, Michael. We’ve obviously only just started but so far Rob and Brendon have been doing a stellar job of laying down guitar parts! Word has it there’s been a lot of “first takes”! These two have really got their stuff down!

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Shockwave Metal


Ok, we here at Shockwave metal just gone live with the news of this new band of ours on Facebook. It’s the big day! Lets see how the “Likes” start rolling in. Keep up to date by throwing us a like and regularly visiting this site for more media and music as it all develops! This will be the start of something huge!

We were aiming (hoping) to get past 500 likes / followers by the end of the weekend. One hour into our publicity push and we got 150 likes for the facebook page! By 12 hours in we’d reached the 500 goal! Thanks to everyone that threw us a like, or shared us! It all helps. Won’t be long now we’ll be coming out with a huge bang! You guys have far exceeded our expectations. We think thats a killer effort, so thanks to every one thats liked it so far! Onwards and upwards!

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Rob from Shockwave


ok, we’re getting ready to launch this mutha around the internet tomorrow. Here’s a short message from lead guitar player Rob! If anyone sees this and wants to do us a solid please share the hell out of the Shockwave facebook page and lets see if we can get past 500 fans in our first weekend!

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