We’ve been giving the recording we’ve done some critical listening and we’re happy to announce that the Shockwave EP is almost done! The music has all been layed down and it sounds great! New recruit Scott was able to contribute some brilliant solo’s to the album. (No mean feat considering he’s only just joined the band and had a huge learning curve ahead of him) and it sounds absoultely brilliant.

Some killer guest appearances from Garath Gras (Formerly Johnny Roadkill), Bob Harvey (Wretch) will also feature on the recording!

Cheers to Duncan / Infidel studios for the killer sound as well! They went above and beyond! Next step is to send it off to DAX in the UK to get mastered and hopefully soon we’ll have the finsihed product to start duplicating and getting out into the hot little hands of the punters!

As always keep checking back on Shockwave website for all the official news!

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