The new shockwave singer is ... Jamie!


Ok, groovers! Things have been a bit slow in the Shockwave camp of late, mainly due to the Corona virus induced lockdown that many of us have had to endure. On the bright side, we can announce that after an exhaustive search of all the best available singers in the town (and some out of town) we’ve come to a decision… The new shockwave singer is … Jamie!

We have to point out Jamie beat out some amazing talent to land this spot. Most of the singers we tried out were definitely worthy to be in bands and most of them probably will be in time. You may know Jamie from other cool Canberra bands such as Planets Collide, System Addict, Human, Rise, Knights of the Spatchcock and his other current out fit Clarity of Chaos!

We’re confident that Jamie will bring a combination of the melody and power Canberra crowds have come to expect of him over the last few years and we hope to take his talent to a whole new level!

Most importantly, thanks to everyone that applied, tried out and helped us along this way! You guys rock and now that the line-up is complete, we shall rock too \m/

Now the next thing we have to do is start organising some shows as soon as restrictions lift 🙂

Be sure to keep checking back on on a regular basis for all the latest Shockwave news!

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